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Grandview Watch: Board meeting notes, etc.

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School Board Meeting September 10, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

The District achieved the rating of “Excellent with Distinction” meeting 30 out of 30 indicators with a performance index of 104.7.

Home Schooled Students: Mr. O’Reilly presented issues to be decided regarding home schooled students. The issues are 1) Access to course offerings. 2) Access to extracurricular activities. 3) Access to co-curricular activities. He said that no home schooled students are currently requesting access to any of these items. Comments from board members. The matter will be considered further at the next meeting.

Not posted – Sept. 30 special board meeting notes.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, October 15 @ 22:37:21 EDT (7413 reads)
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School Board Meeting August 11, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Online coursework: Mr. Truett reported on the possibility of offering some online coursework as a one-year pilot program. This would be for extended coursework that is not already offered in the District in grades 6 through 12.

Code of Conduct: Amend the Grandview Heights City School District Activity Code of Conduct as it is contained as an addendum item to these minutes.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, October 15 @ 22:34:01 EDT (7450 reads)
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School Board Meeting July 14, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

State aid for schools is expected to be reduced by 1% in FY-10 and 2% in FY-11. All-day kindergarten is being mandated beginning FY-11.

Steve Grassbaugh provided the Board with information regarding the TIF agreements associated with the Grandview Yard development … The poor national economy has also added an element of challenge and concern that the development may have more residential units than were originally conceived.

Posted by Admin on Monday, September 07 @ 23:35:36 EDT (5817 reads)
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School Board Meeting June 9, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Board Policy update: Mr. O’Reilly led a discussion with members of the Board regarding the concept of the proposed OSBA – provided policy for the School District. Ms. Peters discussed tobacco policy. Ms. Lithgow discussed student presentations at Board meetings. Mr. O’Reilly discussed the student dress code. He also discussed home schooling student participation in extracurricular activities.

Approve awarding Mr. Gildo Ciccone his high school diploma from the Class of 1945. He was activated on March 17, 1945 to serve in World War II.

Posted by Admin on Sunday, August 09 @ 23:36:17 EDT (12361 reads)
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School Board Meeting May 12, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Mr. O’Reilly highlighted portions of Sub. House Bill 1 which is the proposed 2009-11 state budget. The Grandview Heights School District is expected to continue to receive its $1.5 million from the school foundation program in addition to any federal stimulus funds. The Education Challenge Factor (ECF) for Grandview will be 0.88. The school foundation for Grandview is expected to be reduced by 2% in the second year of the biennium.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, June 25 @ 16:48:50 EDT (5424 reads)
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School Board Meeting April 14, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Grandview Heights Mayor Ray DeGraw reported to the Board that the City Council and the Mayor’s office continues to review the financial implication of the Grandview Yard. ... The TIF is for 100% for 30 years with the School District to receive 10% of the TIF fund proceeds. The development agreement is now with city council. Mr. DeGraw fielded questions from member of the Board.

Approve the 3-year Settlement Agreement with the Grandview Heights Education Association. The Settlement Agreement includes base salary increases of 0% in FY-10, 2% in FY-11 and 2.75% in FY-12.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, June 25 @ 16:46:20 EDT (7544 reads)
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School Board Meeting March 3, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

The five banks that are currently serving as depositories have the following STAR ratings as of September 30, 2008: PNC = 3, Huntington = 3, Fifth Third Bank = 3, J.P. Morgan Chase = 4, and the Ohio Valley Bank = 4. Based upon the STAR rating, he said that all of the banks serving as depositories for School District public funds are average or above. Most of the District’s interim funds are invested in STAR Ohio (State Treasurer’s Asset Reserve fund).

Governor’s Funding Proposal: Mr. O’Reilly provided information to the Board regarding the Governor’s funding proposal for the 2009-11 biennium. Estimated state revenues according to the Governor’s proposal are $1,586,710 in FY-10 and $1,554.976 in FY-11. The local community will be depended upon to support the School District.

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, May 19 @ 15:27:15 EDT (4630 reads)
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School Board Meeting February 10, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Information regarding the Governor’s proposal: … No additional funding is included in the Governor’s proposal for Grandview Heights School District. There would be a 2% reduction in the foundation revenues in the second year of the biennium (FY-11).

Kindergarten Options: Mr. O’Reilly provided information regarding kindergarten. (many parents spoke to the board about options).

Approve a tuition-based All-Day Kindergarten Program for the 2009-2010 school year. The tuition will be $330.00 per month for the months of September through May ($2,970.00 total). Students and families qualifying for free lunch may attend tuition free and those students and families qualifying for reduced price lunch may attend at 50% tuition

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, March 31 @ 22:42:14 EDT (4481 reads)
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School Board Meeting January 13, 2009
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Ms. Lithgow was elected board president, Mrs. Keller was elected vice-president.

Mr. O’Reilly provided written information regarding the history of the District’s all-day kindergarten program. Tuition is falling short of covering 50% of the ADKG costs due to the increase in free and reduced price tuition. He will make a recommendation in February regarding the future of the program.

Posted by Admin on Thursday, March 19 @ 01:06:55 EDT (2515 reads)
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School Board Meeting December 9, 2008
Board meeting notes, etc.

Important content:

Charting the Course Update: Mr. O’Reilly provided the Board with a written status report on Charting the Course.

For the first time in the entire history of his seat on the board, Gary Heydinger votes “no” while the other members vote “yes”. The vote – accepting the resignation of Suzanne McLeod.

Executive Session (IX): Members discussed the appointment of a public official followed by the discussion of negotiations with the GHEA and GHESSA.

Posted by Admin on Sunday, February 08 @ 22:26:08 EST (3268 reads)
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