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City Council meeting minutes July 6, 2009
Posted on Thursday, October 01 @ 21:28:10 EDT by Admin

Council meeting docs, etc.

Important content:

Director Bowman reported that the City received an Industrial Site Improvement Fund Grant of $750,000 from the Ohio Department of Development.

City of Grandview Heights
Council Meeting
Monday, July 6, 2009

President Reynolds called to order the City of Grandview Heights Council meeting of Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Present: Council Members – E. Hastie, S. Jagers, P. Koelker, A. Panzera, S. Von Jasinski, President S. Reynolds, Mayor DeGraw, Director of Administration/Economic Development Bowman, City Attorney Khouzam, and Director of Finance Dvoraczky.

Absent: Council Member S. Gladman (Excused)

Approval of Proceedings

June 1, 2009 Regular Meeting

…Panzera moved and Jagers seconded to approve the June 1, 2009 Minutes as submitted. Vote: All ayes. THE MINUTES OF THE JUNE 1, 2009 COUNCIL MEETING WERE APPROVED AS SUBMITTED.

Council Appointments

…Jagers, Chair of the Planning and Administration Committee, reported the City Attorney and Director of Finance annual appointments were discussed in Committee.

City Attorney

…Jagers moved and Hastie seconded to re-appoint Marie-Joelle C. Khouzam as City Attorney.


Director of Finance

…Jagers moved and Panzera seconded to re-appoint Robert J. Dvoraczky as Director of Finance. Vote: All ayes. ROBERT J. DVORACZKY APPOINTED DIRECTOR OF FINANCE.

...President Reynolds noted that with the change of the Charter the appointments are no longer specific for a set period of time.

Public Hearing – 2010 Tax Budget

…President Reynolds called to order the Public Hearing at 7:02 p.m. There being no questions or comments from the pubic, the hearing was closed at 7:03 p.m.


Council Reports

  • Finance – Panzera stated he would provide his report at the time the legislation appears on the agenda. He noted that the Director of Finance would provide the report on the 2008 audit.

  • Planning and Administration – No report.

  • Recreation, Services and Public Facilities – No report.

  • Safety - No report.

  • Communications & Technology – No report.

  • Economic Development – No report.

  • Historical Society – No report.

  • MORPC – Director Bowman stated that MORPC was continuing discussion on the State budget.

  • Grandview/Marble Cliff Chamber of Commerce – City Attorney Khouzam reported the next monthly meeting scheduled for July 16th is the annual awards meeting and will be at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café. The guest speaker will be Frank Moskowitz, CEO for Columbus Sports Publications.

  • COTA – No report.

  • Art Hop/Ad Hoc - Von Jasinski reported the June 27, 2009 Art-Hop was another fun-filled event. It was one of the largest attended as it was held in conjunction with the bike race event/street party. He noted that additional people are calling to see what the rules of participation are for individual vendors to be along the street. The next Art-Hop is scheduled for July 25, 2009.

Department Head Status Reports:
  • Service – Director Troiano stated he had distributed his report and was available for questions from Council. …In response to Von Jasinski’s question, Director Troiano commented that the Grandview Yard area did not get new fire hydrants since all the water lines will be relocated during the development of that area.

  • Building & Zoning – Director Kuss stated he had distributed his report and was available for questions from Council. …In response to Von Jasinski’s question, Director Kuss confirmed that any plans submitted to the Building Department are subject to the public record guidelines and available for review by anyone.

  • Mayor’s Report – Mayor DeGraw stated that Henry Kauffman had retired as Fire Chief and he would like to invite him to the August Council meeting for recognition. He also noted the great success of the Tour de Grandview Bike Race and the effort put into it by all the City departments.

  • Director of Administration/Economic Development Report – Director Bowman reported that the City received an Industrial Site Improvement Fund Grant of $750,000 from the Ohio Department of Development. Next week information will be available on the 2009 street improvement program. He also stated that Grandview Avenue, between First and Third, will be paved sometime in August. The funds for this project are part of the stimulus money distributed by MORPC. Notices will be distributed to the businesses located in that area.

  • Director of Finance Report – Director Dvoraczky reported that a significant investment of time in June was devoted to payroll and employee benefit matters. New more cost-effective vision, dental and City-paid life insurance programs took effect as of July 1, 2009. The audit for 2008 has been completed with the auditors providing their Unqualified Opinion on the financial statements.

  • City Attorney Report - City Attorney Khouzam stated she had distributed her report and was available for questions.

***Director Kuss and Director Troiano were excused by President Reynolds at 7:12 p.m. ***

Old Business

1. Res. 2009-06: A Resolution adopting a tax budget for fiscal year 2010, and declaring it an emergency.

…Panzera, Chair of the Finance Committee, reported the Committee reviewed the proposed tax budget with Finance Director Dvoraczky. The tax budget is prepared annually and required to be submitted to the Franklin County Auditor no later than July 20, 2009. The Finance Committee recommended approval by Council.

…Panzera moved for approval. Jagers seconded. Vote on approval: All ayes. LEGISLATION PASSED – RESOLUTION 2009-06.

2.     Ord. 2009-16:  An Ordinance Modifying and Amending Chapter 1157 of the City of Grandview Heights Codified Ordinances to Set a Percentage for the Recycling of Demolition Debris from Commercial and Multi-Family Structures.

…Von Jasinski commented that he has questions in terms of enforcement of the proposed legislation. He stated that he had spoken with a few commercial contractors and would like to invite them to attend the Safety Committee meeting to address any questions or concern they may have with the proposed legislation. Von Jasinski would like to have this recorded as a second reading to allow time for additional research. RECORDED AS A SECOND READING.

New Business

1. Ord. 2009-17: An Ordinance to make a supplemental appropriation for the aerial lift truck lease of the City during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009, and declaring it an emergency.

…Director Bowman reported this lease payment was an oversight during the capital budget process. The aerial truck was purchased in 2008, with the second lease payment due of $25,256.

…Finance Director Dvoraczky stated he is asking for $25,265 be transferred from the General Fund to the General Improvement Fund, noting that it will also need to be included in the budget the next three years. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Finance Committee.

2. Ord. 2009-18: An Ordinance authorizing the City of Grandview Heights to file an application to the State of Ohio, Department of Development, to participate in the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, and declaring it an emergency.

…Director Bowman reported this would be the same process as last year (Ord 2008-30). This proposed ordinance is to acknowledge and support the Administration’s effort to apply for a grant from the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (CORF). As with the last grant application, Kara Allison of Hull Associates has agreed to work on the grant application and to attend the meetings. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Economic Development Committee.

3. Ord. 2009-19: An Ordinance appropriating monies within the General Fund (Fund 101); transferring said monies from this Fund to the Tax Abatement Fund (Fund 261) and appropriating the monies within said Tax Abatement Fund to the end of effecting payment of sums agreed to within various economic development agreements, and declaring it an emergency. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Economic Development Committee.

4. Ord. 2009-20: An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor and Director of Finance to enter into an Agreement for Salaries and Benefits with Local 1792, International Association of Firefighters AFL-CIO, and declaring it an emergency.

…City Attorney Khouzam reported that the agreement (Exhibit A) is being reviewed by the Union and their attorney. She stated that the terms have been accepted and she would have the final contract this week. It was requested to have the proposed legislation on the July 20, 2009 special Council meeting for consideration. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING Assigned to the Planning and Administration Committee.

5. Ord. 2009-21: An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor and Director of Finance to enter into a lease agreement with the Bobcat Boosters, Inc. for the use of Pierce Field Park, and declaring it an emergency. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Planning and Administration Committee.

6. Res. 2009-09: A Resolution to amend Rules of Council. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Planning and AdministrationCommittee.

7. Res. 2009-10: A Resolution authorizing the City of Grandview Heights, Ohio to apply for and, if awarded, enter into an Agreement with the Office of the Attorney General for the purpose of administering a DARE grant; and declaring it an emergency. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Safety Committee.

8. Ord. 2009-22: An Ordinance to advance monies from the General Fund to the Fire/EMS Grant Fund and appropriate such monies from the Fire/EMS Grant Fund for the purchase of equipment and EMS training, and declaring it an emergency.

……Von Jasinski stated that the proposed legislation is for Council to allocate twenty-five hundred dollars from the General Fund into the Fire/EMS Fund, which will be reimbursed through an Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS grant. These funds are to be used for the purchase of equipment and/or EMS training.

…Interim Fire Chief Shaner explained that the computer on the Medic is not working and the funds would be used to purchase a new one.

…Von Jasinski moved and Panzera seconded to suspend the rules. Vote on suspension: All ayes. RULES ARE SUSPENDED.

…Von Jasinski moved for approval. Panzera seconded. Vote on approval: All ayes. LEGISLATION PASSED – ORDINANCE 2009-22.

9. Ord 2009- 23: An Ordinance Declaring Improvements to Certain Real Property to be a Public Purpose; Declaring such Real Property to be Exempt from Real Property Taxation; Authorizing a Declaration that Construction and Rehabilitation of Certain Real Property is a Public Purpose; Authorizing the Exemption of such Real Property from Real Property Taxation; Describing the Public Infrastructure Improvements and the Urban Renewal Project to be Undertaken that will Directly Benefit all such Real Property; Requiring theProperty Owners of Certain Real Property to Make Service Payments in Lieu of Taxes;Establishing a Municipal Public Improvement Tax Increment Equivalent Fund for the Deposit of Certain Service Payments; Authorizing the Establishment of an Urban Renewal Debt Retirement Fund for the Deposit of Certain Service Payments; Authorizing the Pledge and Assignment of Certain Income Tax Revenues Available to the City to Pay Costs of Public Infrastructure Improvements; Authorizing the Execution of Development Agreements with the Owners of Certain Real Property, Including the Developer; and Authorizing the Execution of a Compensation Agreement with the Grandview Heights City School District. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Economic Development Committee.

…Von Jasinski commented that with the magnitude importance of the proposed ordinance That it should be reviewed as a Council-of-the-whole.

…President Reynolds stated that most of the Economic Development Committee meetings that have gone on to date have been in effect a Council-of-the-whole but he would be more than happy to have Koelker lead that proceeding.

…Koelker agreed that the proposed legislation deserves the attention of all Council members and should be scheduled at a time when everybody can be present. She is not sure if 7:00 p.m. is best or if an end of the day would be a good compromise.

Discussion followed on dates and times. It was noted that it is desired to have the vote on the proposed legislation taken at the August 3, 2009 Council meeting. Meetings need to be scheduled at least once a week.

…Koelker stated that there are some parts of the proposed legislation where Attorney Gene Hollins was looking at preparing a presentation to assist with the bullet points of the document.

…City Attorney Khouzam explained that the exemption ordinance is like the blanket ordinance to which everything will be appended. Most of the agreements flow from that, including the development agreement that the Economic Development Committee has reviewed in an older edition. Council can then take some of the other legislative pieces as they get introduced to Council, possibly at the July mid-month meeting. City Attorney Khouzam believes there are three other pieces of legislation to be introduced: 1) the Job Creation Tax Credit, 2) CRA and 3) Tax Incentives.

…Koelker inquired if the other pieces of legislation are on the same schedule?

…City Attorney Khouzam stated that she understands they need to be adopted more or less in the same time frame. She will talk with the developers counsel to see if a timetable can b determined. …Koelker commented that it might not hurt to schedule meetings for every Monday in July and hold additional meetings as needed.


President Reynolds confirmed that there would be a Special Council meeting on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.

…Koelker asked if Council members would provide their schedules to her so other meetings could be scheduled.

Other Business

1. Transfer of C-1 & C-2 liquor license at 1045 W. First Avenue (Alexander Drive-Thru)C-1 Beer only in original sealed container for carry out onlyC-2 Wine and certain prepackaged mixed drinks in sealed containers for carry out. (Hearing requested or not on advisability of transferring permit).


2. New D5I & D6 liquor license at 1660 W. First Avenue (Rico Café) D5I Spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only, beer and wine for on premises, and off premises in original sealed containers, until 2:30 a.m. (restaurants meeting certain criteria). D6 Sale of intoxicating liquor on Sunday between the hours 1:00 p.m. and midnight.

(Hearing requested or not on advisability of issuing permit).

…Discussion followed on the proximity of the school to 1660 W. First Avenue. Hastie stated that the Grandview Heights School District, as well as the library, received the same notification and has the right to object.

…It was noted that nothing had been submitted to the Planning Commission for an allowable use. If the applicant doesn’t get a building permit they won’t be allowed to open. Hastie commented that this type of liquor permit has a limit to alcohol sales being 25% of their business.

…The applicant’s attorney will be invited to appear before Council at the July 20, 2009 Special Council meeting to explain the proposed project for 1660 W. First in more detail.


3. Update on Robert W. Baird & Company agreement

…Mayor DeGraw reported that Robert W. Baird & Company submitted a proposal to be the City’s financial consultant for the period of 2009-2011. The agreement is for a binder of $10,000 and a percentage of any bonds issued in that time period. There will probably be one bond issued estimated at $11, 000,000, which potentially could be about $32,000 to Baird. Baird would be paid from the TIF proceeds versus from the City’s operating budget. He noted that the agreement would be for a limited time period and can be renewed by the City after the set time period. Mayor DeGraw asked for the support of Council and to include the legislation on the July 13, 2009 Council agenda.

...Council agreed to have the proposed legislation on the July 13, 2009 Special Council meeting.

Comments from Council Members

…Hastie noted that on Sunday, July 26, 2009, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., the Grandview Area Republican Club would be playing in a game of softball against a team of local democrats, lead by Von Jasinski. The donations collected will be given to the Grandview/Marble Cliff Education Foundation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.

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