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City Council meeting minutes March 2, 2008
Posted on Tuesday, May 19 @ 15:22:00 EDT by Admin

Council meeting docs, etc.

Important content:

Andy Smigelski, 1237 Broadview Avenue, requested Council consider amending Section 505.01 (a) of the Codified Ordinances. His family would like to keep a small number of chickens (4-6) in their yard. The hens would be enclosed in a coop with a run and would not be roaming the yard. …Koelker stated she would sponsor the propose change in the City’s ordinances.

Ord. 2008-34: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 191.02 of the Administrative Code of the Grandview Heights Codified Ordinances to provide for the imposition of 3% transient occupancy tax to be dedicated to the Parks and Recreation Capital Fund. …Gladman moved for approval and Koelker seconded. Vote on approval: All ayes.

City of Grandview Heights
Council Meeting
Monday, March 2, 2009

President Reynolds called to order the City of Grandview Heights Council meeting of Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7:09 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Panzera, S. Von Jasinski, President S. Reynolds, Mayor DeGraw, Director of Administration/Economic Development Bowman, City Attorney Khouzam, and Director of Finance Dvoraczky.

  • Approval of Proceedings

  • February 2, 2009 Regular Council Meeting

  • February 7, 2009 Special Council Meeting/Retreat

  • February 16, 2009 Special Council Meeting

  • February 17, 2009 Special Council Meeting

Gladman moved and Hastie seconded to approve the minutes as submitted. Vote: All ayes. THE MINUTES OF THE FEBRUARY 2, 2009 REGULAR, FEBRUARY 7, 2009 SPECIAL/ RETREAT, FEBRUARY 16, 2009 SPECIAL AND FEBRUARY 17, 2009 SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETINGS WERE APPROVED AS SUBMITTED.

  • Presentation – Matt Kehlmeier, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations (InCare, an affiliate of National Church Residences)

…Kehlmeier stated that National Church Residences is the largest provider of affordable senior housing in the Country. He stated that there are individuals within the City who have worked hard their entire lives and who have helped to mold and form the heritage of what the City is today. These individuals have relied upon themselves, valued independence, and self-reliance. As these individuals have aged they have begun to struggle, more and more, to remain in their homes.

Kehlmeier stated that InCare is a partner with older adults, their caregivers, and municipalities in which they live to ensure independence. They are a partner that wants to empower older adults to live their lives the way they’ve chosen to live their lives, independent and with that same valued self-reliance they’ve had all their lives. InCare would like to partner with the City to create a greater awareness to these older adults that they can receive the necessary assistance and help they need through the form of entitlements.
Kehlmeier was thanked for the information he provided. Mayor DeGraw suggested he contact Marta Durbin of the Parks and Recreation Department who works closely with the older adults.

  • Comments from Visitors

Andy Smigelski, 1237 Broadview Avenue, requested Council consider amending Section 505.01 (a) of the Codified Ordinances (No Person shall keep or maintain any horse, cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, or other livestock within the City). His family would like to keep a small number of chickens (4-6) in their yard. The hens would be enclosed in a coop with a run and would not be roaming the yard. Smigelski distributed drawings of various coop styles.

…Koelker stated she would sponsor the propose change in the City’s ordinances. Assigned to the Planning and Administration Committee (Jagers) to review and return to Council with their recommendation.

  • Council Reports

  • Finance – Panzera stated he would provide his report at the time the legislation appears on the agenda.

  • Planning and Administration – No report.

  • Recreation, Services and Public Facilities – No report.

  • Safety – No report.

  • Communications & Technology – Hastie reminded members of Council to heed any warnings received by Captain Shaner on unsolicited file attachments that may contain a virus.

  • Economic Development – Koelker reported the EC Committee discussed fiscal planning considerations for the Grandview Yard at their February 26, 2009 meeting. The next meeting has been scheduled for March 5, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. to discuss economic incentives guidelines.

  • Historical Society – No report.

  • MORPC – Director Bowman reported that MORPC is taking the next step on the regional connection program and study they performed a few years ago on regional growth.

  • Grandview/Marble Cliff Chamber of Commerce – City Attorney Khouzam reported that the Chamber, TechColumbus and the Small Business Development Center held a networking mixer on February 26, 2009. This mixer was to provide information on some of the resources that are available to help start and grow businesses in the Grandview area. The next Chamber luncheon meeting will be March 12, 2009 at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe.

  • COTA – No report.

  • Art Hop/Ad Hoc – Von Jasinski reported the Committee met to discuss the plans to continue the Art Hop in 2009. It will begin in April and run through November.

Department Head Status Reports:
  • Engineer – absent.

  • Parks & Recreation – Director Robey stated he had distributed his report and provided a few highlights: the new Spring/Summer Community Program has been sent out; registration for the programs and pool memberships begin March 10th; and alternative ways of distributing the programs are being researched in an effort to save money and paper; and proposals were submitted for the economic development stimulus package for Pierce Field and Wyman Woods.

Discussion followed on the different methods for distribution of the community program. President Reynolds stated he would love to get away from having the paper version but there are people who don’t have the capacity or the way for a website only distribution. It may be feasible to mail postcards and have them returned if the resident would like a hard copy.
…Director Robey commented that hard copies would be made available if the programs were placed on the website.

…Panzera commented that he believes there is still a large contingent of the community that it would be difficult to get them in their hands. The costs of distribution are significant but the cost of production, in terms of printing scale, would cost more to print less.

…Koelker suggested that maybe a newsletter listing the activities and dates could be distributed and then the resident could go to the website or pick-up a program when the activity they are interested in is scheduled.…Director Robey note he would keep Council posted on the developments.

  • Mayor’s Report – Mayor DeGraw reported:

  • the City has submitted for approximately $35 million in stimulus funds for the sewers, road work (Goodale to Third Avenue) and to do the railroad bridges;

  • E.P. Ferris will represent the City as the engineer on the Grandview Yard project;

  • the City has requested $4m from the federal government in the 2010 budget for roads and underground work; and

  • The City will receive $237,000 for infrastructure for the Grandview Yard project.

  • Director of Administration/Economic Development Report – Director Bowman commented that the City will be using E.P. Ferris for the Grandview Yard project because EMH&T had a conflict of interest. E.P. Ferris is a consulting engineering firm and currently serve as the Village Engineer for New Albany.

  • Director of Finance Report – Director Dvoraczky reported that the income tax collections have been similar for January and February of being within $56 of previous year’s first two months revenue. He stated that the March receipts will reflect a significant impact of the income tax collections with the rate being reduced to the 2.25%. He noted that the City received the award of Excellence in Financial Reporting for 2007. It is the third year the City has received the award.

  • City Attorney Report - City Attorney Khouzam stated she distributed her report and was available for questions.

  • Old Business

1. Ord. 2008-09: An Ordinance to establish a public planning process to update the Dublin Pike District portion of the City of Grandview Heights’ Community Plan.

…Director Bowman reported that E.P. Ferris is examining the roadway issue (Dublin Road) and preparing a minor thoroughfare plan. They will be working with the Planning Commission to come up with a design concept for the road, including pedestrian sensibility; what are the real expectations for pedestrians on both Grandview Avenue and Dublin Road, where they go and what the alternatives may be. This will be on going for the next two - three months.
…Koelker commented that a member of the Planning Commission had stated that the plan developed with MORPC had been adopted as the Community Plan for that area and it has not been. She further noted that the proposed ordinance is just asking the Planning Commission if they agree that the area of the Community Plan should be updated per the MORPC Plan.

…Director Bowman stated that to update the Community Plan the City should engage the property owners and set a considerate process that they can participate in.

Discussion followed on a timeline.

…Gladman moved and Panzera seconded to table to a date certain being June 1, 2009. Vote: All ayes. THIRD READING TABLED TO A DATE CERTAIN BEING JUNE 1, 2009.

2. Ord. 2008-34: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 191.02 of the Administrative Code of the Grandview Heights Codified Ordinances to provide for the imposition of 3% transient occupancy tax to be dedicated to the Parks and Recreation Capital Fund.

…Gladman stated that his intent, when introduced, was to create a revenue stream for the Parks and Recreation capital fund by allocating 3% of the total 6% of the tax. In reviewing the language that he had suggested, the City Attorney did extensive research for other communities and the law and found that the City’s current statute is not in compliance with State statute. The proposed legislation not only has a provision to dedicate 3% to the Parks and Recreation capital fund but there is language that corrects the existing statute to make it compliant with the State statute.

…City Attorney Khouzam explained that the first 3% can be earmarked specifically for the Parks fund. If an additional 3% is charged, half of that has to go into a fund for convention/visitors’ bureau type of activities to be spent within the county. The remaining half has to be allocated for the general fund of the City.

…Gladman moved to amend proposed legislation version 030209 under (b) to read as follows:

(b) In addition to the tax levied under subsection (a) hereof, there is hereby levied an additional tax, as authorized by Ohio R.C. 5739.09, of three percent (3%) of the rent received by a hotel for the providing of occupancy to transient guests is hereby imposed.  Half of the revenue from this additional tax shall be placed in a separate fund, which shall be spent solely to make contributions to convention and visitors’ bureaus OR OTHER QUALIFYING ORGANIZATIONS, operating in Franklin County. The remaining half of the revenue from this additional tax shall be placed in the General Fund.

Von Jasinski seconded. Vote on amendment: All ayes. PROPOSED LEGISLATION VERSION 030209 AMENDED IN SECTION (b) AS NOTED.

…Gladman moved and Koelker seconded to substitute to form version 030209 as amended.


…Gladman moved for approval and Koelker seconded. Vote on approval: All ayes. LEGISLATION PASSED IN AMENDED SUBSTITUTED FORM VERSION 030209 – ORDINANCE 2008-34.

  • New Business

1. Res. 2009-04: A Resolution to amend Rules of Council by repealing Resolution 98-02 and adopting newly revised rules. RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Planning and Administration Committee.

2. Ord. 2009-06: An Ordinance to amend sections of Grandview Heights' Ordinances pertaining to Planning and Zoning, so as to incorporate changes in the City Charter and to update the applicable Codified Ordinances, and declaring it an emergency.RECORDED AS A FIRST READING. Assigned to the Planning Commission. Public hearing to be scheduled for April 6, 2009.

  • Executive Session:

…Gladman moved and Jagers seconded to adjourn into Executive Session to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee or official, pursuant to O.R.C. 121.22(G)(1). Vote: All ayes. COUNCIL ADJOURNED INTO EXECUTIVE SESSION AT 8:25 P.M.

...Gladman moved and Von Jasinski seconded to adjourn from Executive Session. Vote: All ayes. COUNCIL ADJOURNED FROM EXECUTIVE SESSION. REGULAR COUNCIL RECONVENEVED AT 8:40 P.M.

Other Business

1. Plans for upcoming levy renewal

…Jagers reported that the levy renewal is Issue 3 on the ballot. She stated that a campaign committee needs to be set-up and asked for names of people who might want to serve as the treasurer.

2. Discussion of public funding mechanism and economic development guidelines.

…Koelker stated that she was unprepared to discuss the public funding mechanism. She commented that at the Economic Development meeting it was mentioned to get the incentive guidelines package put together so it will state both from a policy as well as a financial point of view of what kind of businesses the City wants to prioritize in terms of incentives. There will be more discussion at the March 5th Economic Development meeting.

  • Comments from Council Members

…President Reynolds extended congratulations to Jagers and all those who made the Education Foundation event successful.

…Panzera commented that he has been jesting about the chicken coop but he has full respect for the young man (Andy Smigelski) that came before Council and presented his case.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

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City Council meeting minutes March 2, 2008

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