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Finding stuff on Grandview Watch

This website is run on a content management system called PHP-Nuke. It has lots of cool features, but they are not obvious to the casual user. This page will help you find the stuff you want on the site.

Search by Date

The Stories Archive link on the left sidebar is the way to go if you are searching for posts that occurred in a specific month. Even more helpful is the Show ALL Stories link at the bottom of the Archive page (although that may be too much info). A general rule is that meeting notes from the Council and the School Board will be posted at least a month after the meeting (they don't release meeting notes until they have been approved at the following meeting). At times the meeting notes will be posted two or more months after the meeting, depending on how hard it was to get the notes and how busy I was at the time.

Using the Search Page

First, use the Search in the left sidebar in preference to the one on the top of the page. The top search throws errors when you try to use the dropdown limiter for some reason.

The search page has a number of ways to limit the search, which is helpful if you have a lot of results for your search term. Use the topic dropdown, and the final dropdown labled “All” can limit the search to a specific number of weeks or months in the past.

The search function built into this site is not as good as Google, it will not suggest alternate spellings. You must type in the exact phrase you are looking for, which will give you too many results if you are looking for a common word like “Smith”. Try to search for a word that is specific to the topic you are interested in finding. Remember that there are misspelled words even in the official meeting notes, so try variations on the word spelling if you come up blank.

Speaking of Google, this site is indexed pretty well, you can try entering the search term on Google, followed by site:http://www.grandviewwatch.org to limit the search to this site. I have no control over how often Google indexes my site so this may only work for older posts.

Search by Topics

Each post is linked to a topic category. This should be self-explanatory – the council notes are in the “Council meeting docs, etc. “, the board notes are in “Board meeting notes, etc. “. If it is an official doc from the city or school, it is in these topic categories. The “news” topics are my personal commentary on the city and school, including comments on the articles in the local papers.

Use the GW Topics link on the left to browse through the posts by topic. This only displays the last ten posts in each topic, the “more” link will only lead to a page that has these ten posts as they were originally posted. Use the Stories Archive to find older posts.

I used to have a few older meeting notes in the Download section, but I never got that back up after a site upgrade. If you are looking for meeting notes older than May 2003 for the city and Oct. 2002 for the school, send me a note through the Feedback link on the left and I may have what you want.

The Forum section of this site is empty for now, I'm not sure if this is because of a complete lack of interest in this city, or the realization that posting on Internet boards is a waste of time. I really would like to see some sort of online community in Grandview to discuss local issues, if you don't want to use my board then send me a link to your blog and I will link to it on the front page.

Commenting is Off

Comment sp*mmers have made it impossible to allow open comments on articles. The feedback form on the main navigation list (left) works. I'll post any comments to the articles, just let me know which article you are referring to when you send a comment.

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Published on: 2005-04-22 (4341 reads)

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